An article from Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine 25 (2015) 749-750

Publicación miembro SOMEEC: Sudden cardiac death syndromes: Changing the paradigm of diagnosis from ECG to molecular genetics

Dr. Manlio F. Márquez

Departamento de Electrocardiología, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez, Tlalpan, Mexico

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a public health problem world-wide. Although most cases are caused by structural heart disease, ischemic heart disease being the leading one, SCD due to primary electrical disorders of the heart is extremely important because it tends to affect young individuals and has an associated familial burden, as many of them are often hereditary. The article by Vatta and Spoonamore[1] presented in this issue of Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine is an exhaustive review of primary myocardial and electrical diseases associated with SCD. The authors have made an extensive review of the clinical features and genetic aspects of each disease. In this Editorial, I want to stress the way in which molecular genetic testing is changing our clinical practice in an attempt to show the role of such important techniques and to help the clinician make the best use of it, in view of the wide availability of such tests.

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